At CLOUD SYSTEMS we are committed to doing our very best to protect the environment. We employ the use of several cutting edge technologies which help us to minimise our impact on the environment.

These technologies include;

Proactive IT – In order to keep our Clients IT Infrastructure running in the most efficient manner we are firm believers in the Proactive IT approach. Through the use of extensive monitoring and management we ensure that we keep our Clients Infrastructure in optimum condition at all times. This results in equipment performing better and lasting longer which in turn helps to reduce the environmental impact of repairing or replacing equipment on a regular basis.

Remote Support – Through the use of the latest Remote Access Technology we are able to conduct the majority of maintenance and support tasks without attending the Clients site. Not only does this cut down on our carbon footprint but it also results in rapid response times and vastly reduced costs for our Clients.

Virtualisation –Through the use of Virtualisation we are able to consolidate multiple devices onto a single host. This ground breaking technology removes the need for individual pieces of hardware for all devices and as a direct result reduces data centre power consumption and space required and improves data centre efficiency.

Paperless Office – As an organisation we are completely paperless with all of our Business Information and Resources being stored on our own Private Cloud Platform. This helps us reduce our impact on the environment.

Efficient Data Centres – All of our Data Centre Providers have been picked not only on the exceptional facilities which they provide but also on their commitment to provide low environmental impact facilities.

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