Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution provides complete protection of Business IT Systems for all eventualities. Separated into 3 tiers of protection our Solution ensures that business data can be recovered in the fastest and most efficient way possible depending on the recovery requirements. Additionally, thanks to the use of industry leading De-Duplication we are able to store more of our Clients data whilst utilising significantly less storage space than other providers which keeps costs low.

The three tiers of our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution are:

Tier 1 – On Premise

We implement a backup appliance On Premise to take local backups of the IT Environment. This appliance is capable of backing up both physical and virtual devices and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. The On Premise backup appliance is fully managed by ourselves and is configured with a backup schedule to meet the requirements which includes both full and incremental backups. The appliance features local storage to hold the backup data locally and also features deduplication to reduce the amount of storage space required.

Tier 2 – Off Site Storage

The second tier of protection involves the replication of backup data from the On Premise appliance to two of our secure, UK based Data Centres which are both ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant – one of these Data Centres is so secure that it is literally bomb proof. These offsite backups can then be used to restore business data and IT Systems in the event of a major disaster.

Tier 3 – Disaster Recovery

The final tier of protection is our comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution which provides the ultimate protection for Business IT Systems. In the event of a serious IT Disaster which impacts the primary locations of operation, our Disaster Recovery solution brings online a complete copy of the critical IT Systems in our Private Cloud environment allowing the business to continue trading throughout.

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