Managed WIFI

Fast and reliable Wireless Network Connectivity is a service which is now expected in all public places and businesses but which can often be complicated and costly to deploy. As a result, CLOUD SYSTEMS can provide fully managed WIFI solutions which offer high levels of reliability and performance but which also offer exceptional value for money.

Our managed WIFI Solutions are completely bespoke and are suitable for both small, single network locations and large, multi-site, multi-network organisations. All of our Managed WIFI Solutions can be configured to either provide immediate access to the network or to gather user information in a branded portal before allowing access and the resources which users have access to can be granularly controlled with different users having different levels of access to the network (for example Guests can only access the external internet.)

For a low monthly cost, CLOUD SYSTEMS will provide a fully managed WIFI Infrastructure which is tailored to the individual Client requirements and which includes all hardware, support, management, installation and maintenance.

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